Welcome to the world "TOSCA"

The tribute to Tuscany is the cornerstone of the TOSCA concept, a unique world :

T : Toscana e Terra

O : Omaggio

S : Sensibilità e Scopertà

C : Cucina

A : Arte

And then together :

Share values,

Discover flavors,

Living passions,

Boost emotions,

Exchange ideas,

Reveal sensibility,

Give generosity

Once upon a time Tuscany

1,2,3, once upon a time …

1 passion : Tuscany

2 universes : culinary delights and fine arts

3 hommes : a starred chef, an entrepreneur, an artist

Three men, one passion

Saverio Sbaragli, Jean-Jacques Ghelfi and Marco Borgianni, three destinies at the crossroads with a common passion: Tuscany, its soil, its roots, its history.

The chances of life brought them together one summer day, in the heart of Chianti, a year already.

Between Florence and Siena, they have thought and created a setting of flavors, colors, artistic and culinary values to better illuminate Tuscany, reveal the Renaissance and its masterpieces, and enchant you in the city of Calvin.

The history of TOSCA is now running, the rest remains to compose in music, harmony and exchanges around the table, all together.